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Silicone Gel Cushion Insole Front Pad CARE Feet Shoe Foot , For High Heel & Flat

$ 3.00


These silicon gel liner fits on the back of your shoes to help prevent blisters as well as improving shoe fitting if it's too big and makes your shoes much more comfortable to walk in. These inserts are perfect for those who hates going through the pain of "breaking" in new shoes or have shoes that just don't fit correctly, stuff these inserts in and make the perfect shoe even better. You will need this if you love comfort.

Soft silicon gel with sticky back to stick to your shoes

Don't throw away your shoes because it's hurting the back of you foot, add these to the heel of your shoes for better fitting shoes

Clear gel are stealthy and they are hard to spot after applying them to your shoes

Add these to sling back straps as well as close toe pumps.

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